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The MBA in Maritime and Shipping Management has been designed by the International Telematic University Uninettuno in collaboration with the Institute for International Maritime Studies in order to provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to senior managers and leaders of the shipping and maritime sector. The emphasis is on shipping and maritime management in an international and local setting and the program draws on an emerging body of knowledge and evidence to allow comparisons across different countries and systems.

The programme focuses primarily on education in shipping, business, management, and maritime science and technology, to build up the expertise of the shipping industry, research and development. 

The Maritime Studies programme leads to the award of the MBA in Maritime and Shipping Management degree. This program aims to equip students with a thorough knowledge of aspects of the maritime business, along with a broad business administration skills required to enable them to fulfil the requirements of a managerial post within the maritime world and its associated industries. To achieve this purpose, the program offers its students a unique blend of professional and academic courses. Practical training programs further enrich their studies and enable them to become rapidly adaptive to the needs of employers and to respond appropriately and imaginatively to emerging issues in a dynamic industry.


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