Prof. Athanasios Giannakis

Athanasios N. Giannakis was born in Markopoulo of Attica. He is a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy, Greece. Master mariner in ocean-going ships. Graduate of the Law School of the University of Wales (Cardiff) where he obtained a Master’s degree in Maritime Law and a Master of Philosophy degree in Marine Environment. Having received scholarships from the Ministry of Mercantile Marine (MMM) and from the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, he wrote his Phd dissertation at the Washington University, USA, on the Management of Marine Pollution. He was the Deputy Director of the Center of the Masters’ School for Further Nautical Education (KESEN) and for twenty years he was a teacher of the Law of the Sea and Maritime Law as well as in Maritime Management, of this Center. He was one of the permanent members of the MMM committee which decided on the syllabus of the KESEN and the Merchant Marine Academies in Greece. He represented the MMM as a member of committees of the International Maritime Organization (IMO – London) and of the EU (Brussels) concerning aspects of nautical education. He has been appointed by the IMO as “competent person” as an expert in matters of checking and evaluating the nautical educational system of foreign states– among them Japan and Latvia– according to the standards of IMO (STCW). He was advisor on evaluating ships for the account of the: Banque des Paris et des Pays Bas (Paribas), and the American Express. He has worked for shipping companies as port captain and shipbroker and he was the director of the Jetwave Shipping Inc. Since 1998 up to 2016 he has been a professor and director of the Maritime Dept. of the European University Athens Campus and of the City Unity College, Athens Campus. He is the director of the Maritime Department of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. He is the author of the books, “The Law of the Sea”, “The Conceptual Dictionary of Shipping Terms”, and “The Homeric Dictionary of Nautical Terms”. For two years (1995-1997) he was working for the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, Greece, and he represented it at IMO in a number of sessions concerning Nautical Education. He cooperated with admiral Mitropoulos, the Secretariat General of the IMO. He is a pilot in command (international license) of private airplanes and a member of the Board of directors of The Athens Air-club. Skipper of deep sea sailing ships.


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