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Classification society. An organization or company whose mission is to carry out inspections on ships during their construction and at regular and extraordinary intervals after their construction throughout the life of the ship. The classification society sets the ship’s construction and maintenance specifications and equipment. Its inspectors also inspect and approve the construction of the containers. Each classification society has its own rules under which inspections are carried out, and a ship to maintain its class must comply with these rules. On ships under Greek flag traveling within the Greek territory, inspection of ships is generally carried out by the Merchant Shipping¬†Inspection (Ministry of Mercantile Marine), while on Greek ships traveling abroad the control is assigned to the classification societies.

Comments: In Greece (usually in Piraeus) there are offices of about 10-12 large classification societies, the Lloyds register of Shipping, the American Bureau, Japanese Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, etc., in which a large number of shipbuilding engineers, as well as ship’s chief engineers and other professionals related to the shipping industry, work.

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