Competitive Shipbroker. An important person in the shipping industry, mainly engaged in chartering and sale and purchase of ships. With regard to chartering, the shipbroker is the person who works either on behalf of the shipowner (shipowner’s broker) or the charterer (charterrer’s broker) to whom they provide the necessary information on the movement of the freight market. The shipowner’s broker finds cargoes for shipowner’s ships and negotiates their charter. Similarly, the charterer’s broker finds ships to transport the shipper’s cargo. In order to make a charter one or more brokers can be used, each of which may be located in various places around the world. The commission paid to each shipbroker’s office is 1.25% on freight or hire which is paid by the shipowner.
Comments: There are hundreds of independent shipbrokers’ offices in Greece and thousands of such offices abroad, in each of which may work 2-10 persons (brokers).

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