Conceptual Dictionary of Shipping Terms (English-Greek)

Athanasios Giannakis

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(Από τις συντμήσεις, μόνο αυτές με δασείς χαρακτήρες (bold letters) επεξηγούνται μέσα στο λεξικό)

AAPA American Association of Port Authorities

AARA Always accessible or reachable on arrival

AASO Association of American Shipowners, N.Y.

A/A ή ΑΑ Always afloat

AB (1) Able seaman, (2) average bond

ABS American Bureau of Shipping

Abt About

A/C ή a/c Acount

ACI arb, Associate of the chartered institute of arbitrators

ACILA, Associate of the chartered institute of loss adjusters

Addcomm Address commission

Ad hoc, For a particular occasion, for a special purpose (Latin)

ADR Alternative dispute resolution

Ad val, Ad valorem, βλ. ad valorem freight

AFAA As far as applicable

AFAC As fast as can

AFRA Average freight rate assessments

AHR Antwerp-Hamburg range

ANF Arrival notification form

AP (1) All purposes, (2) additional premium

APS Arrival pilot station

APT After peak tank

ΑRA, Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam (range)

AS, Alongside, βλ. alongside (ship)

ASBA Association of shipbrokers and agents

ATDN Any time day or night

ATS All time saved

BAF Bunker adjustment factor

BB Below bridges

BBB Before breaking bulk

Bdl, Bundle

Bends Both ends

Bhd Bulkhead

BHP Brake horse power

BIC Bureau International des Containers

BIMCO Baltic and International Maritime Council

B/L Bill of lading

Blt, Built

B/N Booking note

BOL Bill of lading

B/S Bunker surcharge

Bs/L Bills of lading

BT Berth terms

BTN Brussels Tariff Nomenclature

BV Bureau Veritas

BWAD Brackish water arrival draft, βλ. brackish water

CA Controlled Atmosphere (container)

CABAF Currency and bunker adjustment factor

CABE Charterers’ agents both ends, επίσης γράφεται και CHABE

CAD Cash against documents

CAF Currency adjustment factor

CAP Condition assessment programme

CCS China Classification Society

CENSA Council of European and Japanese national Shipowners’ Association

C&F Cost and freight

CFR Cost and freight

CFS Container freight station

CHABE Charterers’ agents both ends, επίσης γράφεται και CABE

Chopt In charterers’ option

CIF Cost insurance and freight

CIFC, Cost insurance freight and commission

CIM, International convention on the carriage of goods by rail

CIP Calling-in-point

CKD Completely knocked down

CLC Civil Liability Convention 1969/1972

CMI Comité Maritime International

CMR Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road

COA Contract of affreightment

COFR Certificate of financial responsibility

COP Custom of the port

COW Crude oil washing

C/P Charter party

CPC Cellular palletwide container

CPP Clean petroleum products, βλ. clean products

CQD Customary quick despatch

CR (1) China Corporation Register of Shipping, (2) Croatian Register of Shipping

CSD Closed shelter-deck

CSI Container security initiative

cSt Centistokes

CTL Constructive total loss

Cu ft, Cubic feet

CY Container yard

DD Dry dock

Der, Derrick

Dets, Details

Disport, Discharge port

Disrate, Discharging rate

DGN, Dangerous goods note

Dly Delivery

DNV Det Norske Veritas

DO, Diesel oil

DOP Dropping outward pilot

DPP Dirty petroleum products

DT Deep tank

DWAT Deadweight all told

DWCC Deadweight cargo capacity ή deadweight carrying capacity

DW ή DWT Deadweight

ΕΕΖ Exclusive economic zone

EIU Even if used

ETA, Estimated time of arrival

ETC, Estimated time of completion

ETD, Estimated time of departure

ETR, Estimated time of readiness

ETS, Estimated time of sailing

EXW Ex works

F Fresh

FAC (1) Forwarding agent’s commission, (2) Fast as can

FAF Fuel adjustment factor, βλ. Fuel oil surcharge

FAK Freight all kinds

FAS Free alongside ship

FCA Free carrier

F & CC Full and complete cargo

FCL Full container load

FD (1) Free despatch, (2) Free discharge

FD & D Freight demurrage & defence

FEU Forty foot equivalent

FHEX Fridays and holidays excepted

FHINC Fridays and holidays included

FILO Free in and Liner out

FILTD Free in and liner term discharge

FIO Free in and out

FIOLS & D Free in and out, lashed, secured and dunnaged

FIOS Free in and out and stowed

FIOST (1) Free in and out and spouted and trimmed, (2) Free in and out and stowed and trimmed

FIOT Free in and out trimmed

FLT Fork-lift truck

FO (1) Free out, (2) Fuel oil

FOB Free on board

FONASBA Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents

FOQ Free on quay

FOR Free on rail

FOS Fuel oil surcharge

FOT Free on truck, βλ. Free on rail

FP (1) Free pratique, (2) flash point

FPT Fore peak tank

Frt Freight

FUND Fund Convention 1971/92

FW, Fresh water

FWA Fresh water allowance

GA General average

GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

GL Germanisher Lloyd

GM Metacentric height

GMT, Greenwich Mean Time

GO Gas oil

GP General purpose

GPS Global positioning system

GR, grain

GRT Gros registered tonnage

GT Gross tonnage

HA Hatch ή hatchway

Hazmat, Hazardous materials (dangerous goods)

HD Half dispatch

HFO Heavy fuel oil

HO Hold

HP Horse power

HRC, Hot rolled coils

HRS Hellenic Register of Shipping

HSS Heavy grain, sorghum and soya

HW High Water

HWONT, High water ordinary neap tides

HWOST, High water ordinary spring tides

IACS International Association of Classification Societies

ICHCA International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association

IBC, Intermediate bulk currier

I CC International Chamber of Commerce

ICS (1) International Chamber of Shipping, (2) Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

IFO Intermediate fuel oil

IGS Inert gas system

IMAO International Maritime Arbitration Organization

IMB International Maritime Bureau

IMDG Code International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

IMO International maritime Organization

INTERCARGO International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners

INTERTANKO International Association of Independent Tanker Owners

IRS Indian Register of Shipping

ISO International Organization for Standardization

ISPS International Code for the Security of Ships and Port facilities

ITF International Transport Workers’ Federation

IWL Institute Warranty Limits

IWT Inland water transport

Kg, Kilogramme

KR Korean Register of Shipping

Kt, Knot

LASH Lighter aboard ship

LBP Length between perpendiculars

L/C (1) Lay/Can, (2) Letter of credit

LCL less than container load

LGC Large gas carrier

LIFO Liner in free out

LILO Liner in and liner out

LMAA London Maritime Arbitrators Association

LNG Liquefied natural gas

LOA Length over all

LOC Letter of credit

LOI Letter of indemnity

Lo-lo Lift on – lift off

LPG Liquefied petroleum gas

LR Lloyd’ Register of Shipping

LS, Lump sum βλ. lump sum charter

LT (1) Long ton, (2) Liner terms

LW, Low water

LWONT, Low water ordinary neap tides

LWOST, Low water ordinary spring tides

M, Metre

MARPOL, The International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973 as amended by the protocol of 1978

Max, Maximum

MDO, Marine diesel oil

MGO, Marine gas oil

MHWN, Mean high water neaps

MHWS, Mean high water springs

Min, Minimum

Min/max Minimum/maximum

MLWN, Mean low water neaps

MLWS, Mean low water springs

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOL, More or less, βλ. more or less in owner’s option

MOLCHOP More or less in charterers’ option

MOLOO More or less in owners’ option

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MPP, Multi-purpose, βλ. multi-purpose cargo ship

M/R Mate’s receipt

MS, Motor ship

MT Metric ton

MTSA, Maritime Transportation Security Act

MV, Motor vessel

NAABSA Not always afloat but safe aground

NK Nippon Kyokai

NOR Notice of readiness

NRT Net register tonnage

NSF Norwegian sale form

NT Net tonnage

NYPE C/P New York Produce Exchange charter party

O/A, Overage

OBO Ore/bulk/oil carrier

OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

OHBC Open hatch bulk carrier

OO In owners’ option

O/O ore/oil carrier

OOG Out of gauge

OPA 90, Oil Pollution Act 1990

OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

OSB, One safe berth

OSP, one safe port

O/T, Overtime

PAN CAN, Panama Canal

Pandi Club Protection and indemnity club

PCC Pure car carrier

PFT Per freight ton

P & I Club Protection and indemnity club

ppm, parts per million

ppt, prompt

PRS Polski Rejestr Statkow

PSC Port State Control

PSI Pre-shipment inspection

PSS Port Security Surcharge

Redely ή Redly Redelivery

RI ή RINA Registro Italiano

ROB Remaining on board

Ro-ro Roll-on roll-off

RS Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

RT ή R/T Revenue ton

RTW, Round the world

S Summer, βλ. summer load line

SB Safe berth

SBM Single buoy mooring

SBT Segregated ballast tank

SD Single deck ship

SDR Special Drawing Right

Secs Seconds

SG Specific gravity

SGS Société Générale de Surveillannce SA

SHEX Sundays and holidays excluded

SHINC Sundays and holidays included

Sim sub Similar substitute

SOC Shippers’s own container

SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea

SP Safe port

SS Special survey

SSHEX Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded

SSHINC Saturdays, Sundays and holidays included

STC Said to contain

STW, Said to weigh

SWAD Salt water arrival draught

SWL Safe working load

T (1) Tonne, (2) Tropical

TBA, To be advised

TBC, To be confirmed

TBN, To be nominated

T/C Time charter

TDW Total deadweight

TEU Twenty foot equivalent unit

TF Tropical fresh

TIR Transport International Routier

TPC Tonnes per centimetre

TPH, Tonnes per hour

TPI Tons per inch

UBC Universal bulk carrier

ULCC Ultra large crude carrier

ULCS Ultra large container ship

UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on the International Trade Law

UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

USD, United States Dollars

USNH United States North of Hatteras

UU Unless used

VAT, Value added

V/C Voyage charter

VLCC Very large crude carrier

VLGC Very large gas carrier

Voy, Voyage

W, (1) Weight, βλ. weight cargo, (2) Winter

WIBON Whether in berth or not

WIFPON Whether in free pratique or not

WIPON Whether in port or not

W/M Weight or measure

WNA Winter North Atlantic

WOG Without guarantee

WP Weather permitting

WRIC Wire rod in coil

WTS Working time saved

WWD Weather working day

WWR When where ready

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