The INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL MARITIME STUDIES is a non-profit as well as a non-governmental legal entity governed by private law, and its action is not contingent on any public or private profit-making organization.


  •  Nonprofit research on issues related to shipping development in Greece and abroad, be it Public or Private Law Entities.
  •  The development of non-profit-making activities in the shipping and related sectors of Economy, Development, Health, Culture, Sports and Education in Greece and abroad.
  •  The development of action and public awareness of the shipping sector and the need to increase their participation in relevant development programs.
  •  Integration of the productive capacities of its members into the natural and human environment, promotion of their quality of life and familiarization with the new technologies in the field of shipping.
  •  The conduct of economic-technical and economic-social research in the field of shipping, either on the initiative of the institute or by delegation by public or private bodies of Greece or of the European Union or of any other state or international organization.
  •  The support of local, national or European development and social programs in the field of the economic and social development of our country’s shipping in relation to the developing and transition countries and the encouragement of other initiatives of other actors.
  •  The effort to engage in international collaborations with reliable civil society bodies (such as NGOs, local development agencies, universities, rural cooperatives, private initiatives, etc.), aiming at substantial improvement of the economic and social level of shipping at local and international level.
  •  The networking of educational and research institutions from different regions of the country and abroad, with the aim of exchanging experiences and training tools around the shipping industry.
  •  Contributing to local employment growth.
  •  Organizing and conducting conferences, Educational Programs – Studies, Seminars and Workshops of any kind.
  •  The provision of all kinds of advisory services in the field of shipping to Local and Prefectural Authorities.
  •  Disclosure, dissemination and promotion of sciences as a system of applied sciences and professions in the field of maritime business activity.
  •  The management and implementation of all relevant research programs.
  •  The collection, study and processing of scientific information and its dissemination, for the continuous development of shipping.Means for the achievement of the above objectives of the institute are indicative and not limitative – they are exclusively:
  •  Organize or participate in Domestic, Community, International or other projects and programs that refer to the development of Shipping in Greece and worldwide.
  •  Co-operation with development or non-governmental organizations, research centers, OTA, Public or State Services University networks, private initiative bodies, companies or enterprises, International or National organizations and institutions from the field of Shipping, Economy, Development, Health, Culture and Education, as well as in general with any kind of Private or Public Law Persons engaged in related activities.
  •  The dissemination and promotion of the sciences of Marine, Economy, Development, Health, Culture and Education through meetings, conferences, studies, publications, articles, news, library and database domestic or international articles and activities in the field of shipping.
  •  The promotion of educational and charitable projects in the field of economic development for the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of the developing and transition countries but of the Greek territory, especially the poor, children, women of the elderly and generally the weaker socially social strata.
  •  The education, training and training (theoretical and practical) of executives, employees of public or private legal entities, local authorities, organizations, state or public bodies, students and pupils of any grade of the developing countries in transition and of the Greek Territory and other countries (Output of Educational Project).
  •  The provision of advisory, scientific and technical services to shipping companies, public law enforcement agencies, NGOs, local authorities, private organizations, public or state bodies (Consultative Project Production). The organization of meetings, lectures, discussions, conferences, seminars, conferences, round tables, educational and training programs, excursions, educational trips and the participation of the institute in such events related to the shipping interests in Greece and in other countries on the planet.
  •  Organizing a library, collecting, producing, publishing and publishing non-material, electronic scientific journals and books and generally producing publications or other updates relevant to the purposes of the institute.
  •  The drafting, publication and management of an informative brochure, magazine, newspaper or other medium, printed, electronic or otherwise, relating to the achievement of the purposes and the activities of the institute, its members and related bodies.
  •  To develop and promote by all means solidarity, communication and cooperation among its members.
  •  Keeping a record of trainers, trainees, collaborating organizations, companies, centers, businesses etc
  •  Protect its members from any abuse of their rights, legal information, support and representation.
  •  Any other legal instrument that will determine the Board of Directors as fruitful and effective, depending on the occurrences and circumstances that occur each time.
  •  The institute may set up other branches wherever it wishes, domestically or abroad, upon a proposal by the Board of Directors and a legal decision of the General Assembly.

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