The Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea

1. Introduction to Charter Party and Bill of lading, Implied obligations in a contract of
affreightment (implied undertakings from the part of the shipowner/implied
undertakings from the part of the charterer)

2. The voyage charter party (an overview of the charter/the arrived ship/the loading

operation/the carrying voyage/the discharging operation)

3. The time charter party (the general legal overview/description of the vessel/period
of hire/payment for hire/the off-hire clause/deduction from hire/right to withdraw
vessel/employment and agency clause/redelivery of the vessel)

4. Bills of Lading

5. Hague/Visby Rules and case studies

6. Alternative Disputes Resolution (mediation, arbitration)

7. Case study on carriage of goods. Explanation of the use of the Lloyd’s Law Reports

8. Laytime, Demurrage and Dispatch money, case study

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